Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Posts

Check out my nice long post below and come back soon (tonight or tomorrow) for pictures of our first outside walk. They're VERY cute!

And for now, a funny picture of Taeya. Can you see her dark blue eyes like Mom's? Today she started smiling a lot. Big open-mouthed grins. I have yet to capture them on camera.


Heather said...


And to answer your question -- no, with the gel caps I've never tasted fish. you can SMELL it when you open the bottle but I've never tasted it even if I burp :)

Kristin said...

Definitely the cutest snow bunny I've ever seen! I'm sure she's ready to hit the slopes now--just be sure to bring her cute hat!

Sarah said...

The pictures of Taeya with you and Kristen were so cute. I love the hat and mittens she got. Taeya's eyes are so big and beautiful-just like her mommy's.