Thursday, February 28, 2008

This Weekend!

I'm very excited because this weekend I'm GOING SNOWBOARDING! Phil and I moved to Colorado for the snow and mountains and I have yet to play in either. Phil and I are going to our local mountain this weekend. I babysit two days a week for a 6 month old and her parents will be babysitting Taeya while Phil and I board. Looking forward to a fun day with my honey.

And here are some pictures of my beautiful (not always happy) baby just because.

One of her beautiful smiles!
I'm tasting a lot of things with my tongue these days.
Aren't I just gorgeous?
Mom, I'm MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you stop taking pictures of me?
First Valentine's Day


Sarah said...

I'm glad that you finally get to go snowboarding this weekend. You have waited so long for this moment. I hope you can still climb your 3 flights of stairs after a day of using muscles you forgot you had. :o) Be safe and have a wonderful time with your hubby.

Taeya looks so sweet in that dress with her big eyes and darling expressions.

SJ said...

Fun times - have fun! The bib is bigger than her.

Becca Sports said...

Have a wonderful time with your hubby and enjoy the snow. :)

Drama Queen said...

I love the pics of her tounge and her fit!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

aww Megan thanks so much for what you said about my weight loss! I can see it too and it's so exciting to me! What you said about the shoelaces is a very good idea, I just don't think I could make the whole that big witout making the beads a while lot bigger. But I can try, thanks for the idea!

jenylu said...

She is just too cute!!!

Hope you had a blast snowboarding -- I'll look forward to reading about it on your next post.

I have a lot of catching up to do -- wasn't doing the blog thing for a couple of weeks -- for some blogs that doesn't matter, for others, like yours, I have a lot waiting for me! :)

Give that cute little Taeya a big cuddly hug & kiss for me!!

Anonymous said...

enjoy that time with your man. oh and that little girl of yours is precious. i love the one with her tongue out!!