Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun Pictures

Enjoy the cute pictures of Taeya. The adorable striped outfit is still a bit large for her but one of Phil's and my favorites. :) We couldn't get over how cute she looked in it. Thank you Jennifer L!

Sweet and Asleep

Time with Mommy

Something's really funny.

Now we're both looking for it.

Mute Button thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Z.

The "poochie lip" that normally comes before a crying outburst.

Sucking my thumb (I don't do this very often)

I still make this face!

Look how chubby I'm getting!

Mom found this cute outfit at a thrift store.

Here's the outfit from Jennifer L. I look adorable!

Snuggle time (we do this a lot). Check out my cute smile.

Me just being cute.

Asleep with my sunshade

I make bubbles a lot when I blow raspberries.


The Westerfield Family said...

These pictures are just too cute... they made me smile. I LOVE the "mute button" pacifier. Too funny. Taeya is so blessed that you are her mommy!

Drama Queen said...

I love it when she makes that face!

SJ said...

Fun pictures! The mute button pacifier makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Megan those pictures are precious. She's getting such a cute little personality going :0) I love the ones of you on the floor with her :0)
-Rachel O.

Becca Sports said...

What adorable pictures. I love the stripe outfit and the pacifier! :)

Sarah said...

She is really growing quickly. I can see she is starting to get some more weight on her. Taeya I sooo adorable in any outfit, but the stripy one is really cute. That paci was so funny.