Monday, September 01, 2008

Hanging Lake

This cute shirt was sent by Taeya's VA grandparents. It's a 4T but I thought she could try it on for them to see how cute she looks in it now. :)

Can you see my tooth in this picture? It's there!
When Phil's family was here in May, he hiked to Hanging Lake with his parents and sister. It's a pretty intense hike so I stayed at the park with Great Grandma, Timmy and Taeya. Ever since moving here, I've wanted to see hanging lake because I've heard it's so beautiful. On Saturday, we decided to go as a family.

I volunteered to carry Taeya in a backpack carrier that we borrowed from friends on the way up and Phil could carry her on the way down. I'm trying to get in better shape so I thought this would be a good exercise in endurance. Whew...was it ever! From the parking lot, you walk in 1/2 mile before you get to the trail. It's then 1 1/4 miles UP the mountainside on a pretty rocky path. It's basically a mile and a quarter of stairclimbing...without the stairs. You really have to watch your step most of the way although there are a few sections where it turns into a dirt path.

Megan and Taeya at the 1/2 mile mark. (See how tired I already look?)

We finally made it to the top. That's hanging lake behind us.
When I got to the 1/4 mile marker, I was already huffing and puffing and didn't think I could make it much further. Phil encouraged me to keep going and I made it to 1/2 mile where we got a bite to eat. I told him that he had to take Taeya as I needed a break. He took her but she started crying when she was on his back. He carried her for about 5 minutes and then passed her back to me because she was still crying. Even though more than once I thought I'd have to turn back, I carried her the rest of the way to the top where we saw the beautiful hanging lake that is crystal clear on the edge of the cliff with waterfalls running into it. It was absolutely amazing. We rested for about 15 minutes before beginning our decent.

Phil again tried to backpack Taeya and again, she cried. (She was getting really tired by this point as well). Phil carried her down the very steep top part and then passed her back to me. I carried her down the rest of the way. (I think Taeya liked it better when I carried her because I tried to stabalize my upper body so she didn't shift around as much. Taeya loves her daddy and usually has no problem being carried by him. I think it was just a different situation with the backpack). It was MUCH easier going back down with her but I was wiped out by the time we arrived back at the car after 3 1/2 miles of carrying Taeya. She fell asleep part way down and slept all the way back to the car.

Hanging Lake

Taking a break.
See how crystal clear the lake is? If you look close, you can see some fish.

We had a fun time as a family enjoying the beauty of God's creation. I felt like I accomplished something and would love to do it again someday.

I don't know these people but just wanted a picture to show that a lot of people are adventuresome and walk out onto the fallen log.

Taeya in her backpack.
On our way back down. This is at the top of the really steep part.
We have to hike all the way back down to the bottom.
All tuckered out. We decided that Taeya know how to do a hike...have someone carry you and take a nap along the way.


jenylu said...

What a gorgeous lake and I'm so impressed you persevered and made it! Good job!

I LOVE your new title picture -- that is soooo cute!

SJ said...

Very pretty pictures and great job walking that way with her on your back :):)

The Westerfield Family said...

What a beautiful lake! It does sound like a difficult hike... good job for not giving up, especially with a baby on your back. ~Sarah