Monday, September 01, 2008

My Quirks

*Edit* I forgot to tag people...
Sarah, Rachel, Stephanie, Jennifer, and anyone else who reads my blog on a regular basis, consider yourselves tagged. Make sure to leave a comment letting me know when you complete your post. :)

I was tagged by Elisha L to post about 6 of my quirks. I'm always horrible trying to think of these things (although I'm sure I have many).

Let's see...

1. I love to be super organized and all my organization boxes have to match. I started buying purple tubs from Target back in college and if I need a new storage tub, it has to be a purple one from Target. I don't like lots of mismatched tubs. In my closet, I have smaller clear boxes with blue lids (I use them in my craft area as well). All of my tubs are labeled with a labelmaker or typed labels so they look nice and clean. My linen closet tubs are smaller and also all match and are labeled. In my kitchen everything has it's place and my spices are all lined up alphabetically. I even have a sheet of paper (typed) with what extra spices I have so if I'm running low, I can fill up my matching, labeled, spice jars. Want me to come organize for you? :)

2. I love math. It's a passion of mine. I want other people to like and love it as well. I enjoy math games and things that make me thing. Math is fun to me.

3. I can't handle it when people tap repetatively. It grates on my nerves and if it's going on, I can't think or function normally. They either have to stop or I have to leave. Drives me CRAZY!

4. I don't mind a little bit of dirt. If my food falls on the floor/ground, I usually pick it up and brush it off. I'm not germaphobic and think it's okay for little kids to touch Taeya. Obviously, I try to protect her from sickness but I don't go out of my way to make people wash their hands etc before holding or touching her even when she was little.

5. I love to read but I hate picking out my own books to read. I'd much rather read a book that's recommended then have to find one on my own. I'll go to the library and leave with nothing because I don't know what to read.

6. I take TONS of digital pictures but don't like deleting the bad ones because I'm afraid that I'll delete some memory that someday I'll want to look back on and wish I had kept. I'm nostalgic.


Sarah said...

You have been very busy posting blogs. I laughed at your quirks. They are so you. I too have caught the organizing bug. That is a pretty good quirk to have most of the time.

Hanging Lake was so pretty. I'm glad you got to hike up there. I still can't believe that you guys hiked up that steep trail with Taeya on your back. What a workout!!

I love her cheerio face. That is so precious! Keep an eye on that adventurous girl of yours. With the way that she is moving she'll climb out of her crib and onto the top of her wardrobe if your not careful. Hehehe!!

Love ya!

jenylu said...

I like your quirks better than mine -- can we trade? :)

It seems like half my blog posts have to do with one quirk or another! It will be hard to narrow it down to six! Maybe I'll get Scott's input. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Megs,
Boy, are you my daughter, the only quirk you have that is not mine too is from your dad, that is your love of math. I hate the stuff and will do anything to have someone else do my math. dad doesn't even trust my simple addition! But the other stuff is so much like me that I could have written it. My mother has many of the same quirks. hmmmm families traits will always come home to haunt us

Shannon said...

organizing hahahaha. math hahahaha.

what kind of books do you like to read? I love to read but dont do it enough since I generally ignore everything while I am reading and that doesnt work well when you're a mom. I'm not a very good casual reader. I stick to mostly board books now with the fuzzy and sparkly pages.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I wanted to comment on a few of your quirks: Try to help my mom love math - it terrifies her :). I can't handle it when people tap repetitively or pop their gum... I always secretly wish people would wash their hands prior to touching Eva though I don't say anything. Read Fascinating womanhood, I read it and though it is not my bible it was extremely useful. I am the same way with pictures, but I have begun to delete extras or doubles because we already have thousands of pictures of Eva - literally.

We will get to meet soon, I am looking forward to it!

Aimee Honse