Monday, September 15, 2008

Taeya Time

Just a post of some pictures I want to share of Taeya from a few days ago.

Here she is sitting in her little booster seat. She was pretty proud of herself. It's like Goldilocks sitting in baby bear's's JUST right.
Look Mom! No hands!
Here she is tasting a golf ball we found on our walk. She's taste it for awhile then drop it. We were on a pretty steep hill walking back down so the ball would roll a ways and then end up in the grass so I'd pick it up and give it to her again. She did the same thing about 5 times and then I finally stopped retreiving it for her.
She's inspecting the ball to make sure it's clean before eating it. ha (Can you tell I'm not a germaphobe)

What a cute little girl. She LOVES bathtime.Here's Taeya standing in her crib for the first time. Again, very proud of herself. Of course, she had to make sure her crib tasted good. Um, I'm not supposed to be down here! She wasn't too happy when she fell. She wasn't happy when I laid her down for her nap either. She wanted to keep standing in her crib. Guess she'll have to learn how to pull up for that.


Renelle and Cole said...

I just got caught up on all your recent posts and you certainly have one cute baby girl! I love all her funny adorable! :) And happy belated birthday! :)

Shannon said...

what a peanut. She is so on target for her age too, smart little thing! Bradley is behind. Sorta fat and lazy I guess. Oh well.

Sarah said...

Taeya does look so proud of herself in her chair and crib. She really is growing up so fast. What a sweetie!!!