Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anyone Interested?

I'd be...
I picked up the mail when I got back from Denver today (I'll blog about that later) and in the mail I received a book exchange letter. It's one of those chain letters where you send out one book and eventually, you're supposed to get 36 back. I'm usually not a chain letter kind of person but I thought I'd participate in this one. However, since I don't want to send it to people who don't really want to participate, I thought I'd ask on my blog and see if there are six people willing to participate? Just leave a comment in my blog if you'd like to participate and I'll send you an email with the letter. I love books (especially children's books) and thought this would be a fun way to get a variety of books for Taeya that I may not have heard of before.

Here's the gist of what you have to do if you want to participate:

You send one book to the child listed in #1 on the form. Then you give a copy of the letter to six friends. You put your child's name in #2 which is then moved to the number one slot for the next six people. Within a week, you're supposed to send your book and the six letters and within a few weeks your child should get 36 books if everyone participates.

So, I'm interested to see if I can get 6 people to participate. (This is an easy way to find friends who want to participate without involving people who don't want to participate. You can even copy and paste my blog post on your blog if you'd like to).

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Shannon said...

except I'd then have to find 6 people. I don't think I know six people that dont already read your blog too :)