Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Dinner

The night of my birthday, Taeya was a bit tired but I really didn't want to cook at home so we went out to one of our five local restaurants. I was not impressed with my dinner and wouldn't eat there again. However, we had a nice evening as a family.

Taeya trying to decide what to order.
Einny, Meinie, Miny, Mo...
Our happy family.
Taeya's enjoying her first bite of cheesecake.
There's my name Mommy.
Can you tell that she likes the cheesecake?
More, more...I want more!
She didn't turn down any offers.
Phil, Taeya and I all enjoyed the cheesecake. I jokingly said it's probably so good because they didn't make it. Phil and I both laughed over that. Even though I didn't enjoy dinner very much, I had a nice birthday and felt blessed by my family and friends.


Sarah said...

I'm so glad that you at least enjoyed dessert on your birthday. Cheese cake is so yummy!! I love Taeya's faces as she enjoyed it. How adorable.

In the post were she was eating graham crackers, I laughed at her "I don't like it" face. How cute! Love the pictures and keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

TUM cheesecake! Looks like a great time!
-Rachel O.

Anonymous said...

whhoooops! I mean YUM not Tum!! lol