Sunday, September 07, 2008

Labor Day and LOTS of pictures

Aren't we a cute little family?Well, it's only been a week since Labor Day. I've posted about other things but haven't made time to post about the fun we had on Labor Day.
We decided to get out and about instead of sitting at home. We went to visit Rifle Falls. The nice thing about them is that you park and only have to walk in a few hundred feet to see them. No hiking miles and miles. :) We got there and paid our entrance fee. The falls were very pretty and Taeya enjoyed them. She kept cooing and saying "aaahhh." We didn't stay at the falls very long because a storm was coming in. We could have hiked up above the falls (which I wanted to do, but couldn't convince Phil to do because of the raindrops).

Posing with Rifle falls behind us.

Wow! That's pretty cool.

How'd I get up here?
I'm up high!We thought Taeya might enjoy some tree "climbing"

I'm SO strong! But hey, this rock is getting pretty heavy.

Taeya was VERY happy standing here looking at the stream below.

I'm going to be a spleunker when I grow up!
As we were heading out, we saw the sign for the fish hatchery which we heard was fun to visit. It was just down the road about a mile so we went there. Entrance was free and they give you little dixie cups of food to feed to the fish. Taeya had fun watching all the fish flop around and eat their food. She seemed even more excited here than at the falls. The hatchery was really interesting. They have rows and rows of fish getting ready to stock the rivers and lakes of CO. The lady that worked there said last year they stocked CO w/about 4.8 million fish last year. Taeya discovered flowers again. Her little hands just wanted to grasp and squash the little beauties. We left the hatchery when it really did start to rain. All in all, it was a very fun day.

Taeya was mesmerized by the flowers.

They're so preeeettttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
One of Taeya's favorite activities these days is standing up. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I know there were lots but I wanted to share my favorites.


Anonymous said...

Megan you DO have a very VERY cute little family! What a fun Labor day outing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Taeya up in the tree, ha ha ha I laughed and laughed. Thanks for sharing!
-Rachel O

Rebekah said...

You have some great pictures! I agree with Rachel, I love the tree ones! It sounds like you had an amazingly fun day.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the pics! I loved them, I was laughing out loud. I thought the rock ones were really cute. Eva and I hope to meet you and Taeya on September 28th at church while we are in town. Aimee and Eva

Sarah said...

There were some really great pictures in there. The tree ones were adorable. I love her face as she was trying to grab the flowers. Give her a hug for me.

Glad you joined the parking lot wars. I couldn't park there since there were no good parking spots and I knew you would ticket me. Hehehe! Come park on mine!