Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wheelbarrow Baby, New Foods & My Surprise

Phil and I had fun getting a little video of Taeya doing the wheelbarrow the other day. She's not yet crawling although she's working hard on it. If you'd like to see the wheelbarrow video, click on the link below. I was unable to embed the video for some reason this time.

I have this weird desire to take pictures of Taeya when she's eating new foods. I think it's so funny to see how she feeds herself and how much she enjoys her food. Here are a few pictures of her this week eating spaghetti and biscuits and gravy for the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed both. Although I didn't take pictures of it tonight, she had rice and beans for dinner and looked like a porcupine meatball by the time she was finished. It was straight to the tub for her.

This first picture is what happens when I try to feed her if the lawmowing people are working outside. It's hard to feed the back of her head I've found.
Stuffing the spaghetti.

From this point on, she started to smush so much so much gravy on her face it blocked her nose. Crazy girl.

This was AFTER I had wiped her nose off so she could breathe.

Surprise to ME! Phil gave me a big surprise yesterday when he brought home flowers for me just because. Awe, what a sweet guy. This was extra special because it's the FIRST time he's EVER given me flowers. (He's given me many other sweet gifts but never flowers). I really appreciated them and they made my day.


Sarah said...

What a special girl you are to get flowers just because. How sweet.

I love the pictures of Taeya eating. She is really loving that food.

SJ said...

Pretty flowers - you are much braver than I to let her feed herself - - -

SJ said...

The video was adorable!

BECKY LYNN said...

The flowers are guy isn't much of a flower-giver either, so when he does, it always thrills my soul! I am interested in your avent bottle sterilizer but have a it for any bottle types? I mean, do you think other bottle will fit too?

Mom said...

The roses are beautiful... how thoughtful.... you deserve flowers every day!

running wildly said...

If only we as adults could eat that'd be a wonderful life.