Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Bit of Fun in Virginia

When I was in VA, one of the places we visited is the land of the large mouse. Yup, Chuck-E-Cheese. Phil's sister, brother, Taeya and I went for lunch one afternoon and it was fun to see Taeya's reaction to everything around her. This was her first visit to Chuck-E-Cheese and knowing her father, I'm sure it won't be her last.
Taeya was a little nervous about meeting Chuck-E (how do you spell that? Chucky, Chuckee?) but she gave him a little pat and didn't mind the introduction too much.
This is Taeya's face as she watched the Make-Believe-Band play onstage.

This is a fun little game we taught to Taeya. Look Mom, I can do it myself!

She enjoyed watching Aunt Sarah catch the bumblebees.

And she especially liked driving the fire truck. Possible future fire(wo)man?

Okay, this isn't Chuck-E-Cheese. Uncle Timmy likes to hang out in his room. Taeya had fun going in to visit him. He was a little indifferent to her but she enjoyed visiting him and stealing borrowing his favorite toys if she could get her hands on them. He tried valiently to keep them away from her grabby sweet little hands.


Mom Z said...

I wish Taeya's "grubby" little hands were still around!

It was fun seeing some of your pics I hadn't seen yet!

Becca Sports said...

What cute pictures. Taeya is so cute and is getting so big. :)