Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

We had a bake sale for our MOPS group the other week and little Taeya wanted to help Mommy make sugar cookies. Here, you can see her holding her own little measuring cup. I'll help you Mommy! (um, can I have more cookie dough while you're at it!?)
MMmmmm! Once Taeya had a taste, she kept pulling up on my leg or the cupboard and saying "Mo' (More)". She sure loved the taste of the dough.

What a good little helper I have. I'm sure we'll have lots more baking days together in the future!

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Sarah said...

This was a very cute little post. Bekah just loves "helping" me make cookies. She stands there at the counter and says, "Lick, lick. I taste, MommY?" I'm sure Taeya will just love helping everytime you are in the kitchen. I looked back at all the other posts. (I just haven't had time to get caught up lately) Looks like you are doing lots of fun things with your family. I love the snow pictures. Not too thrilled with the cold stuff, huh? That'll change soon enough. Love ya!