Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Since I was gone for awhile and didn't post many pics, I'm going to try to to catch up with some of our travels in the next few weeks.

In mid-December, I went to CA for about a week. It was so fun seeing Bekah and Taeya interacting. Of course, I LOVED getting to finally meet little miss Hannah as well. Enjoy!

My sweet sister and I. I love her so much! We went out looking at Christmas lights and saw some really awesome houses.
We had a family dinner.

Sarah and I went shopping with the girls. They LOVED watching the train go round and around on the track. They cheered every time it came by.

Bekah enjoyed her carousel ride.

We let both girls drive the car on their own! Taeya wondered what was going on and Bekah loved it.

Taeya playing with Pop-pop's "belly-button" finder

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