Thursday, February 19, 2009

VA Aquarium

One of the days we were in VA, we took Taeya to the aquarium. She really enjoyed looking at all the fish and other animals. It was a fun thing to do on a drizzly winter day.

Here's the seal that Phil had fun playing with through the tank.
He'd move his hand back and forth and the seal would dance, following the movement of his hand.

We enjoyed walking down to the river although it was too cold to stay outside for long. We saw two bald headed eagles in the trees while at the aquarium.
Taeya, pretending to be a little sailor.
Mommy and Taeya got eaten by a shark.
Uh oh, I guess it swallowed Mommy.
Family picture by the fish tank.
Taeya really enjoyed all the fish and turtles swimming around. She tried to touch a lot of them and could have stayed there all day watching them.
Watching the sea turtle come for a visit.
Mommy and Taeya pet sting rays. Taeya's little arms weren't long enough to reach them but she enjoyed splashing in the water and watching them swim beneath her fingertips.

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Renelle and Cole said...

It sure looks like you guys had a great time! What fun!!! :)