Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Little Snow Bunny

Living in Colorado, snow is one of the blessings that we get each winter. I really wanted to take Taeya out to experience snow for the first time this winter. I convinced Phil to join us for our brief adventure outside.
Hanging out with Daddy.
I placed her on the snowbank and she had fun studying the snow and trying to figure out what all this white stuff was.
Enjoying a moment in the snow. (She didn't enjoy much of her first time playing in the snow!)

Walking with Mommy. This was Taeya's favorite part-checking out the evergreen tree.
Look Mom!
Okay, I'm not having fun sledding. Get me out of here!
As you can see, she didn't enjoy sledding very much. This was BEFORE she got tipped out in the snow. Right after this, the sled hit a small bump and dumped her on her side in the snow. Poor kid.
Family shot.

Taking her first taste of snow. She didn't quite know what to think of it.
Again, not super excited to be in the sled. Maybe next year will be more fun.

After we got inside, she told me all about her sledding experience...
...and then she had to call some friends and let them know how it went.


Heather said...

boy she's cute

Renelle and Cole said...

What great pictures of Taeya and what fun you three have in the snow! :)