Friday, January 25, 2008

A 4:37 AM Post-The Many Faces of Taeya

We had a very nice time with my parents visiting. They left to go home on the train at 8:00 pm on Wednesday night (their train was 6 1/2 hours late due to previous delays). However, they made it safely on the train and are hopefully home by now. I have some photos of their time with us that I'm going to post soon. For now, I have a number of Taeya's cute little faces that she makes. You might notice in the pictures that she's starting to get a double chin. She's definitely putting on weight. She turns one month old tomorrow and although she still fits in all of her littlest outfits, her tiny hats are harder to fit on her little head. She's still a wonderful baby-which I am SOOOO thankful for. She's constantly making us laugh with her expressions and body movements. Enjoy the new pics!

The photos aren't super exciting new shots but hey, there's only so many interesting pictures you can take of a one month old. :)

Oh, and Elisha, in answer to your questions, we ate at Hickory House in Aspen on our trip down there and attend New Hope Church. Well, off to bed again.

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Becca Sports said...

I love all the face expressions that babies make. Taeya is adorable. I'm glad you had a good time with your parents.