Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taeya's Name

I have had a few people asking about Taeya's name; where it's from and how it's pronounced. Even when Phil and I were dating we used to talk about names we might name our kids someday. I had a list on my computer of a few favorites that I didn't want to forget. Just a little over 2 years ago, I came across the name Taeya as I was reading. (The one I read was spelled a little different as there are many ways to spell it.) I asked Phil at the time if he liked the name and he said he did. At that point, I started looking for middle names that would sound good with it. As I searched through baby name websites I would save names I liked. Phil nixed some of them but we both thought that Taeya Brynn sounded good. We have another baby girl name and middle name that we picked out while dating. If we ever have another girl, she'll probably get that name. Boy names are a little tougher for us. If I had given birth to a little boy we probably would still be working on a name!

As far as how to pronounce it, it's pronounciation is: TA-ya. The first "A" is a long "A" sound and the second "A" is a soft "a" sound. Does that make sense?

Here are a few pictures from Taeya's first bathtime at home today since I now have plenty to choose from. She did pretty well during it and hardly cried during the bath. Afterwards, she wasn't too happy getting dried off though.

I'm also including some pics of her in the Peanut Shell sling my mom bought for her. She, and I, both LOVE it! I can do things with her and she loves snuggling so close to Mommy.

Okay, so I know I'm going crazy on the blog. It's because I'm getting SO much rest! :) Better get used to it because it's going to continue (maybe not with the same intensity but it's a great way to keep track of the special events of Taeya's life)


Georgia said...

wow, she got a bath already? Ezekiel is one month old and still hasn't gotten dunked. because the doctor (and book) said not until his cord stump falls off and heals completely. i want to give him a real bath tomorrow before we travel to Washington, but i'm not sure that his belly button is completely healed yet.

Megan C. said...

Yeah, at our hospital they say it's fine to dip and get the cord wet. They also no longer suggest cleaning it with alcohol. They just say to air dry it and clean with soap and water if it gets dirty.

running wildly said...

Every time I see her I can't get over how tiny and perfect she is.

Megan C. said...

Each time I wake up at night to feed her I am amazed to realize yet again that I have an actual baby. I fall in love all over again each time looking at her adorable little face.

Windy City Survivors said...

Your sling looks comfortable. I never did a sling, but I loved my baby bjorn!

By the way, you look great for just having a baby. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Megan she looks so teeny in the bathtub! It looks like you are having the time of your life. ARe you tired yet? You and Phil look like you were always meant to be parents :)
-Rachel O.

Cierra Pera said...

Hi Hi!! Just got caught up and congrates! You sound wonderful Megs. There is so much I want to say, but I'll limit it to two things: 1. I studied to be a LC and have lots of personal experience with BF so if you have any questions or just want to run something by me let me know! 2. I LOVE SLINGS!! Found my first one when Gracie was born and never looked at a front carrier again! I have some fav links for slings: hotslings.com and http://sproutpouch.com/ are my favs!! It looks so cute on you!

It seems you are a natural mother. God is so good!

Shannon said...

I love slings too. love love love. I usually have a few. One for the house, one for the shower, one for the car. :)

She is tiny and perfect. I'm enjoying your journey as a new mom. There is something extra special about the first baby. You love each additional baby just as much but the transition time is less about being a new mom and more about loving and getting to know your new child. (there is more survival and less resting LOL!) These are precious and short moments.

kelly said...

Taeya is SO cute!!!! I'm so glad you are blogging so much so we can read about these early days, your "firsts" together, and to see her cute-cute-cute little face!
You are looking fabulous, by the way!
I love your sling - great pattern! I also use a sling for my Taeya (when she was little, anyway) - aren't they wonderful? :)

SJ said...

She is cute! Looks like you are all doing well! We didn't do a bath that earlier either because we were told not to -who Knows. Allie's cord fell off quickly though and healed well. Remember to rest!

Sarah said...

Oh Megan, Auntie Sarah is just loving the pictures and so sad I can't be there to snuggle with her. The picture during her bath when she is looking at you is just precious. The sling pictures are darling. She looks so peaceful and happy. I definitely want to get one for my next baby. The family photo was great too.

Just wanted to let you know that Chris just got a job today. He starts work tomorrow. Isn't that so great. God is good and oh so faithful. Talk to you later (and I will try to post again).

Love ya!

jenylu said...

So sweet -- love the pictures! You look really good as well as very happy! :)