Monday, January 07, 2008

Fun Pictures

When Sarah (my sister) and I were young, my dad built us each a wooden baby cradle for our dolls. My mom made a beautiful Amish doll for each of us complete with an Amish outfit and bonnet that fit perfectly in the cradle.

When Sarah had Bekah we were at their house for Thanksgiving. My dad saw the cradle and thought that Bekah would fit nicely in the cradle. We then thought that the Amish outfit would fit on Bekah as well. We tried it on and it did fit pretty well. The pants were a little small to pull up but she looked adorable. The pictures of Bekah were taken when she was almost a month and a half old.

Of course, I HAD to dress Taeya in the Amish outfit and put her in the cradle as well. I dressed her in the morning and the outfit fit her so well I actually left her in it all day. Because she's so small it's hard to find outfits that she actually fits. She has plenty of room to grow into even the newborn outfits. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my little "Amish baby." These were taken on January 1, 2008 when Taeya was 6 days old.

I'm such a happy baby!
I love her little feet that like to curl up and cross over due to her breech position. So cute.


SJ said...

Cute pictures in the cradle. Allie kept her feet like that too - that was how she had stayed before she was born. Looks like you are all doing well!

jenylu said...

Bet you didn't think you'd be playing dolls at this time of life! :) Such a cutie!

Megan said...

Oh, I love playing dress-up! :) I have lots of cute outfits to play dress-up with Taeya.

Jaydin & Makenna's mommy said...

She is too cute:) Have to tried looking into preemie clothes at Walmart or Macys? I am not sure if you have either of those located near you, but that is where i got my kiddos preemie clothes!!