Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taeya's Stocking

Okay, so I promised the funny story today. :) I don't know if everyone else will find it as hilarious as I did but I thought it was super funny. You must read the story before you look at the picture or you won't get the full effect.

While we were out yesterday, we stopped at Wal-Mart (I know I know...I should be resting) to get some things we still needed. I decided that since it is just after Christmas and everything Christmas related would be on sale, it would be a good time to look for Taeya's stocking for next year. Phil told me to go get something we needed and he would go find two stockings that he liked and I could chose from those.

When he came back, he had the stocking hidden behind his back and he started with, "Just so you know, there were only two stockings to choose from." He went on to explain that he had selected the better of the two for me to look at. I'm expecting some cheap, red felt stocking or something dumb like that. (Sorry if you use cheap red stockings...no offense meant). What he pulled out had me practically rolling on the floor laughing. I had to hold my belly for about 5 minutes before I could stop laughing. Are you ready to see what he found? (Just so you know, he was never seriously considering having this be Taeya's stocking. I think he'd want me to clarify that point). Scroll down to see the "lovely" stocking. Click on the picture for a better view so you can see all of the beautiful detail.

Isn't that the gaudiest stocking you've ever seen? I can't get over it. We were going to buy it for a white elephant gift for next year if it was really cheap but it was $5 and I didn't want to waste that much money on something so hideous.


Anonymous said...

LOL Megan! That stocking IS hideous!!! ha ha ha ha ha Thanks, I needed that laugh. Aww, look how teeny she looks all bundled up in the cart. So cute! GO HOME AND REST!!!
-RAchel O.

The Westerfield Family said...

I saw that stocking at Wal-Mart yesterday and had the exact same thought. I saw the picture first before reading your blog, so I was like - "oh, wow, I guess they like that style". I'm glad to read you don't so I can laugh with you... :) ~Sarah W.

P.S. Taeya looks so small in her little tub. What a cutie!

Shannon said...

hahahahaha. Ellie would have loved it. But she's 6 so her vote doesn't count so much in regards to style.