Friday, January 04, 2008

The Plans of Mice and Men

So, I think I mentioned in my last post that we'd be driving to Denver Friday for the work party, spend the night in the hotel and take Grandma to the airport Saturday afternoon. Our plans sure changed!!

I liked my hospital so much that I decided to spend Friday in the ER. Thurs. night, when I was going to bed I found that I couldn't lay on my back or left side because I was experiencing some severe pain in my shoulder and side (especially when I breathed). I slept okay on my right side but when I woke up I was still in pretty intense pain. I called my doctor and had to wait for him to call back, then he told me to call my OB because it could be related to my c-section. I called them and left a message and waited two hours for a response. At that point, I called back in tears and they recommended I go to the ER for scans.

Basically, after a few x-rays and CAT scans they decided that I didn't have anything super serious but may have a condition called pleuricy, which is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs that can make it hurt really bad when you breathe. Thankfully, we realized while we were in the ER that the work party is actually, if we HAD driven to Denver, we wouldn't have a place to stay or a party to go to. God is good, all the time.

So, at this point, they sent me home with pain meds. Thankfully, I can continue to feed Taeya without having to suplement formula. The anti-inflammatories and pain meds are definitely helping. Once morning comes around, I'll see if I feel up to the drive to Denver. I won't go if I'm still feeling intense pain. Right now, I'm actually doing pretty well so we'll see.

There is a small possibility it could have to do with my gallbladder (sound familiar Heather?) but the doctor seems to think it's probably not gallbladder. On Monday, if the pain is still there, we'll go in for a scan that they couldn't due Friday since I had eaten in the AM.

Please pray that this pain is caused by the pleuricy as this seems to be the "best" case senario.

I'll put up a couple pics later of our outing to the hospital.

Thanks for praying.

PS. Taeya is doing wonderful and Grandma is enjoying every moment with Taeya. She's trying to figure out how she can fit Taeya and all of her adorable outfits into her suitcase on the way home. I've already made sure to tell her that I'll be checking! Here's a few fun pics until I upload the ones off my camera.


Heather said...

Oh man! I will pray for the best case scenario! Brings back memories....:)
If it's any consolation, my gallbladder attacks came on gradually where I just thought I had a back ache and then after a week they turned into the worst pain I've ever felt in my life and I've got a high pain tolerance. So I hope you're just experiencing pleuricy :)

Taeya gets cuter every time I see a picture of her. She looks soooo cuddly.

Heather said...

oh....and no pain meds no matter how strong helped with the gallbladder attacks. So I hope hope hope that's not what you're experiencing.

Shannon said...

I hope you're feeling better and staying off your feet. You might feel like wonderwoman, but your body NEEDS rest. tsk tsk tsk.

love the updates. cute pictures of course of your little dollbaby.

Anonymous said...
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The Westerfield Family said...

I hope you're feeling better! Make sure you get a lot of rest. I still can't get over how tiny your daughter is, yet she is so perfect! So precious! :) ~Sarah W.

kelly said...

praying for a quick recovery for you.
VERY cute pictures of Taeya - i especially like the one of her with the tree in the's like she's praying :)

Anonymous said...

oh no! That's terrible megan....what a random thing to have happened! How are you feeling today and over the weekend? I'm praying for you! The cradle pics are adorable, she fits just perfectly :) Pretty soon she'll be above and beyond that cradle, I can already notice her growing :)
-Rachel O.

Jaydin & Makenna's mommy said...

Oh goodness...I hope it isnt gallstones!! I had gallstones from 24 weeks pregnant with Jaydin until the took my gallbladder out 3days after he was born (they induced me at 37 weeks) Oh my was the WORST pain I have ever had. I was reading Heathers comment and mine was different than pain came on instantly and it was the most HORRIBLE pain I had ever experienced (even worse than labor) but it only lasted for about 6 hours each time (I dealt with this weekly even though I wasnt taking in ANY fat!!) so if yours has lasted for a while then I am hopeful it isnt your gallbladder!!

jenylu said...

Poor Megan!

The cradle pics are just adorable -- that one of her under the tree with her hands clasped needs to be enlarged and framed! How precious!