Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Good Deal

I am, without a doubt, a bargain hunter. I LOVE finding a good deal and have a very difficult time buying any clothing item (or much of anything) for full price. This is why I love thrift-stores and second-hand stores. Yes, you have to search four times as long but the money savings is worth it. The valley we live in is very expensive and our options pretty-much consist of lots of little high-end boutiques or a Target and two Wal-Marts. We have a few consignment shops here and there but most of them charge almost as much for an item as buying it new would cost which I still refuse to pay. There are two true thrift-stores that I have found in the area where one can actually be THRIFTY-imagine that. One was down close to where I used to work. Most of the baby clothes I've bought for Taeya have come from there at less than $1/item. The other is a bit closer and they have excellent prices on non-clothes items such as furniture, books and misc. items.
Yesterday, I had some things to drop off there so of course I wandered in for a browse. I was very pleased with what I found. Everything I bought cost me just $20!
My purchases:
*A jogging stroller
*A glass cakestand w/lid
*A scrapbook bag in new condition
*An Abercrombie small bag
*A polo shirt for Phil
*Alphabet magnet letters for the fridge
*A pair of little girl's iceskates
*A child's life-jacket
*A box of flashcards (for math tutoring)

And to top it off, I bought two new shirts at JCPenny's for $4 since I had a $10 gift certificate! A very successful day if you ask me!

This is one of Taeya's new faces that she started making the past week. I think it's due to teething.
Can anyone tell me when she went from this...

to THIS?! She still seems so small but she's obviously grown a bit.


Anonymous said...

LOL her face in the cradle...she's like WOAAAA look at me I'm a GIANT! LOL!
Megan, GREAT deal! Those jogging strollers are a LOT of money! I LOVE bargains!
-Rachel O

Sarah said...

Way to go on the bargain shopping. Your bargains you got are very impressive. I love that first picture of Taeya. The face is so cute!!

kelly said...

great deals!!! so fabulous :)
i love the comparison pictures of Taeya in the little cradle :)

littleRobin said...

Hi Megan!

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Taeya has now joined the list with Hannah Brown and Sarah Willis and all of Tara Carillo's daughters. :)

Only one more to find.

Matt and Robin

SJ said...

Cute pictures!

Terry said...

You are a girl after my heart.... I think the Lord blesses your bargain shopping. You are a Proverbs 31 woman....

You blinked! and she grew! :)