Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taeya's (almost) 6 Month Update and Tidbits of My Life

Taeya and Dad enjoying some time together at the God Rally.

Taeya wearing her beautiful dress from Nana Laurie.

Taeya loves spending time with Annie (one of our pastor's daughters). The feeling's definitely mutual.

Taeya's so serious because it was bedtime for her but there was too much going on to get any sleep.

More about the God Rally and Strawberry Days in my next post (if I remember).

Today after swim lessons I was reading the paper and noticed that the breastfeeding chat time was going on right at that moment. I have needed a new nursing bra for a long time now. Unfortunately, due to our more rural location, there's no stores in our area that carry them and it is not something that I will buy online. I had heard that the place that had the breastfeeding chat time had bras so I decided to drop by for a visit. It was fun getting to see other moms and their little ones. Taeya was the oldest by about two weeks. While I was there I got a wonderful new bra that fit me!! Wahoo! Also, right before I left I noticed that they had a baby scale so I put Taeya on it fully-clothed to see approximately how much she's weighing these days. People have been asking me lately and I've been saying that I think she's in the 13-14 pound range. She weighed 13.5 oz fully clothed so she's probably more like 13 lbs without clothes and diaper. She's still a little one but growing. She's grown just over 2 lbs in the two months since her last doctor's visit.

I fed her squash for the first time yesterday and she enjoyed it. She was fussy before I started feeding her so she was kind of whiny while she ate but she opened her mouth and swallowed all her squash w/o any faces. Phil told me that she wasn't going to like it. Ha! I want her to like all the veggies that Phil and I don't enjoy. We tend to each like different veggies so it makes it challenging to cook ones that we'll both eat besides basics like corn and peas.

Yesterday, I made carrots, yellow squash and applesauce for Taeya and froze them in ice-cubes to use later. I also bought avacados, bananas and mangoes that I still need to turn into baby-food. It's amazing how easy it is to make baby-food. I'm glad that this is something I can do for Taeya. I enjoy knowing exactly what she is eating and that she's not getting all the preservatives and supplements that come in canned food. It's also a great way for us to cut back on costs which we always need to do as we're on a very tight budget.

Yesterday morning I attended my first women's Bible Study here. It was such a blessing to be able to spend time in the Word with other women. They have had Bible Study all year but due to my work and tutoring schedule I've never before been able to go. Our study book is "Feminine Appeal" by Carolyn Mahaney. It talks about the seven virtues of a godly wife and mother as found in Titus 2.

Now it's time to throw some loads of laundry in.


SJ said...

That book is a GREAT book - love it!!!!!!!! Glad you are getting to enjoy it! Yes, making baby food is the way to go - so much cheaper and easier :):) Mangoes can be an allergen food - just an fyi. I am still trying to get Allie to like Avacadoes since I love them - she might take after Jeremy and not like them though :(

Sarah said...

The pictures are so cute. I really love the one with Annie. Both girls are beautiful and so happy. I will definitely try to make baby food this time since I was too lazy to last time. The cost really adds up. Can't wait to see my little niece!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Such adorable was so fun meeting her last weekend! Just an FYI, I think I told you that in college I went to the church that Carolyn Mahaney's husband is the Pastor of. Well, she and her three grown daughters have a blog which I read on a daily basis...very encouraging! You should check it out!!

Justin & Aimee said...

That is so good that you are making her food yourself! I plan on doing that too. I am going to wait until she is 6 months, but I am glad to do it for the same reasons you said! The bible study sounds interesting! I read a similar book (same basis) called, "Created to be his help-meet" by Debi Pearl. It was really good. You'll have to let us know how this book is and maybe I can check this book out too :).

Becca Sports said...

That looks like a great book. I think I'll have to check it out. I made baby food for our first two (for the most part). The last two have gotten food from a jar. I just don't have time to make all the food. We're almost done anyway and I'm already starting to give her "table" food that is soft. Plus, we were able to get a ton of baby food from target when they had some great coupon deal. Have fun making and trying new's fun!

Terry said...

Yes!!!! Get that baby to like different veggies so she's not as picky as her daddy! I'm so glad you are making your own food and avoiding all the added salts, sugars and preservatives! Nothing but the best for Taeya!