Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monsters Under the Bed

I had a scary thing happen to me last night when I was nursing Taeya in her room. I heard something squeak like 10 times really close to me!!! I was FREAKED OUT! I took Taeya out and put her in the livingroom and then I went back, turned the lights on and looked. I was up on the guest bed and carefully picking things up off the ground and shaking them out. (The bedding for the bed was on the ground since we haven't remade it yet since having guests). I expected something to jump out at me. After not finding anything (and still being very scared) I went and woke Phil up. He didn't do anything. :( Pffftt. He was like, "do we have to deal with this now?" (It was 1:30 AM). I got the pack-n-play out of Taeya closet (still scared something was going to jump out at me) and set it up in our room. I didn't want her sleeping in there with an unknown animal. I thouroughly cleaned her room and closet out this morning and couldn't find anything...not even any mouse, rat, or animal poop. I don't know what it was but it was really scary. I left some kitty treats out on the ground and closed the door so Puma wouldn't eat them. I'll leave them there overnight and see what happens. Any suggestions for catching an unknown animal?


jenylu said...

Poor Megan -- I don't handle middle of the night scares too well myself! Remember when I made Scott check the house because the Christmas carrols were mysteriously playing? :)

Hope you solve this in a satisfactory way very soon!!

Terry said...

Is there any chance that the rocker/glider was squeaking?

We've always heard knawing and scratching sounds when we've had mice.

We had a rat at seminary.... Steve and the neighbor stayed up all night with a BB gun to try to shoot it..... You could try that! :)

Sarah said...

I think you should catch it and make a fun pet for Taeya. She would love a pet!!

Not!!!! I really hope you catch what ever is in there so it doesn't chew on our toes while we are sleeping at your house this summer. Terry did have a good idea that it could just be the rocker or something like that cause normally they are quiet when you are in the room. I don't know. That is crazy. Is Taeya still sleeping in your room?

Megan said...

Thank you for the suggestions. It definitely wasn't the rocker because I was frozen to the seat and DIDN'T rock when I was hearing the noise. At Phil's request, I did put Taeya back in her room. Still no further sign of "the creature" although I did kill a big spider trying to enter her room last night. Maybe it was a screeching spider.