Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guess Who's Sitting?

Taeya is!!! We were at the park today after my jog and Taeya was doing quite a bit of sitting unaided. Of course, she did an equal amount of toppling over but I was proud of her non-the-less. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera to capture the moment. So, when we went home we tried sitting again. Here you can see Taeya performing for the camera. She wants to show off to all her blog fans.
Look at me! I'm sitting up!
Um, I'm starting to lean a bit Mom.

Way to catch me. (The funniest is when she topples straight forward and is basically folded in half with her forehead on the floor).

Yikes! This is hard work!
How am I doing?
Am I supposed to be leaning this far forward?
Are we almost done with this sitting thing already?

Age: 5 1/2 months.


Mark and Rebekah said...

she has the greatest facial expressions--too cute!!

SJ said...

Good for her! Very cute! Wait til she starts crawling :):) Not far away!

Sarah said...

My, what big eyes she has! I love her expressions. Yeah for her learning to sit up.

Terry said...

What a big girl! Hand in there, Tayea... it gets eaiser. For me, the bending over forward and touching the floor is next to impossible. BTW - Grandma got a family membership at the Y and has gone at 5:30-6:00 am the last two mornings! So you can be proud of me too! By January, 2010 my goal is to weigh 140! Cheer me on!