Wednesday, April 16, 2008


First of all, for those of you wondering how my mom is doing, she updated her blog today and seems to be making good progress. Yeah Mom!

I had a call in to the HR department at Phil's work to discuss our medical bill fiasco. The lady I talked with said she'd call the insurance and see what she could do. She called me this morning and basically said she couldn't do anything. However, I called the insurance today and spoke with the same person SHE had spoken with. The person I reached today was a supervisor and when she looked at my billing and some of the questions I had, she found that mistakes HAD been made. Although they really won't negotiate with the "above customary and reasonable" charges, there are a number of issues she's going to try to sort out. At this point, I figure there's been at least $600 that I shouldn't have had to pay that I can PROVE and that's just at my OB's...I still haven't worked through my liver doctor and hospital bills. So, although I still have a lot of work to do, I'm not feeling quite as stressed knowing that someone (who knows what she's talking about and is very kind and understanding) is looking over my claims and addressing the issues I have. Last night, every time I woke to feed Taeya I had been dreaming about medical bills.


Tara said...

Megan, I had to sort through alot of billing issues after I had Felicity and they too had wrongly billed me on certain things. It's such a frustrating process but Hang in there!

Projetor said...
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