Friday, April 18, 2008

Taeya Makes Me Smile

Thought I'd share some of the pics of my little one from the past week that have made me smile. Hope you enjoy them.

Taeya pulled her bunny up to her face and was holding him there with her hand. I guess it was too bright for her while she took her nap.
It took me forever to unpack her suitcase from Denver so she helped me unpack last week. I also had to reorganize her clothes as she has now outgrown most of her newborn outfits, especially the onepiece ones.
My mom bought this hat for Bekah (my niece) but it was too small for her little head so Taeya inherited it. Still a little big but it looks adorable. Unfortunately, it'll probably fit her really well in June or July. :(

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jenylu said...

More adorable pictures!!! This far-away-great aunt is eating them up. :) I had a ski hat a little like that but it didn't look nearly so cute on me. :)