Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Taeya enjoys looking at herself in the mirror. Once she sees herself, she usually smiles really big and laughs a bit. It's pretty cute.

Thank you all for your encouragement about the medical billing. I have been fighting tooth and nail to get some financial relief. I've already burned through ALL of my cell phone minutes and then some and it's only 1/2 way through the month. (We don't have a land-line.) This morning I was BALLING my eyes out in my OB's billing office. Poor women. I walked in and before I could say anything I was sobbing. Although I didn't get any charges dropped on their end, they did encourage me to fight it with the insurance and gave me some good advice. I'm sure my eyes were red and puffy by the time I left but at least I wasn't sobbing at that point. Now, I've just got to figure out all of these other bills. There has GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! I think it's all so confusing just so they can get away with overcharging and underpaying. I'm hoping that in the end I will save myself SOMETHING.

For those of you wondering about my mom. She was actually discharged from the hospital yesterday. It was a bit early to send her home but there were no beds in the recovery place they wanted to send her to to help manage her pain. It was a late night for both of my parents last night but mom is finally able to regulate her medicine to help her manage the pain better. The nurses would let her sleep through when she would normally be allowed a dose and then make her wait until her next dosing time (a few hours later) before giving her the pain meds she needed. Her friend that was staying with her today said even just today she seemed to look a lot better. I pray that all of this will greatly help reduce her longterm pain or get rid of it completely.

I have other things in my life that are pretty frustrating right now but I think I'd rather just find some cute pictures of Taeya to finish the post rather than vent.

Someone at work gave me a little play center for Taeya. She typically spends a few minutes a day in it. She LOVES to sit up now and is getting really good at balancing (still needs a little help though).
When Taeya is happy, she often "foams at the mouth."

A week or so ago, she would suck on her hand for comfort. Now it tends to be her thumb! I don't want a thumb-sucker if I can help it. :) She's not super intent on it so I'm hoping she'll outgrow that.


Sarah said...

Yeah, Luke only sucked his thumb occasionally for a couple weeks, then gave it up. Sometimes when he's teething, he'll chew on his thumb, but it's not really the same thing. I didn't really care either way, but hopefully Taeya drops the habit soon as well since you'd rather she not get used to it. :)

Sarah said...

My niece is soooo cute. She just has the most adorable eyes and expressions.

One thing I can recommend with insurance companys is this: Get a small note book dedicated to insurance issues. Every time you talk to anyone, get their name and number and write down exactly what they said. That way when they question you, every thing is really clear and quick for you to tell them what was told to you and who told you. That has helped me so much. Just an idea. :o)