Friday, April 18, 2008


I am hesistant to share too much information as my blog is open to anyone who finds it, however, I do want to ask for prayer right now from my friends and family who read my blog. Many of you know I was diagnosed with a liver disease about 16 years ago. It had been controlled for the most part by a low dose of medicine. Other than when I was originally diagnosed, I have not been really sick or had any noticeable symptoms since the beginning. A year ago, in January/Feb., my liver levels (ALT) were elevated a bit. My doctor at the time was not very proactive so I opted to wait until moving to CO to find a new doctor. I found a great doctor out here who has been following my case through my entire pregnancy. During my pregnancy, my ALT levels dropped to the normal range in the 40's (this often happens during pregnancy as what I have is autoimmune). However, I had bloodwork done mid-March and my ALT had jumped from the 40's to about 115. Two weeks later it was at 218 which is pretty high. My doctor is being very proactive and increased my meds and is monitoring me very closely. He's also being careful to make sure I get Taeya checked out to make sure the meds I'm on don't have a negative affect on her. Tonight I noticed something that indicates that my symptoms are getting more serious. It definitely scares me as I want to be healthy so I can properly care for my family and especially Taeya. I find it hard to be away from my family and some of my CA girlfriends right now as I feel like I just need a good shoulder to cry on. Please pray for my doctor to know how to best treat me at this time and also that I will put my trust in the Lord and lean on Him for comfort.

*EDIT: I just spoke with my doctor who said he'd see me today if I want but of the three symptoms we're watching for, the one I have is the least reliable. We'll keep watching for the other two but at this point, he didn't seem too concerned which definitely helped me feel a little better. Basically, if it gets serious I go back on steriods which I HATE! I was on them for a year when I was first diagnosed and they have MANY negative side-effects. So, I'm praying that we can control this with the medicine I'm currently on that doens't have any side-effects. Thank you for your prayers.


starlight11500 said...

Megan, I'm so sorry for you. I am really going to be praying for you this week. In just a couple hours I am leaving for my parents house for a visit and I'm going to tell them about you and ask them to pray as well....and you know they will, they are real prayer warrriors! *HUGS*

Georgia said...

i prayed for you just now.
about Ezekiel being big - he is on the bigger side for his age, but also his crib is a porta-crib, so it's smaller than a standard crib. that might make him look bigger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

I came across your blog when I searched for "20 weeks pregnant on Zofran", and just got to your current post. :) I'm 20 weeks along, still relying on Zofran and IV fluids due to hyperemesis gravidarum, and was looking for positive stories of women who went on to have successful pregnancies while still taking Zofran. Just wanted to let you know why a complete stranger was reading your blog!

That said, my little family just prayed for you and will continue to do so. I pray your illness will be manageable in a way that is comfortable for you, and that your insurance/med bill issues will be resolved soon. I hope you will find comfort in God, and joy in the beautiful little daughter He has given you! :)

The love birds .. said...


Of course You,Phil and now your little one are always in our prayers. We know your history and you have all been the child to adult that we pray for often. God watches over all, both from those who who do the praying and those that He loves that we pray for. You are certainly one He loves and know that you are loved by us. Your health is important and we want you to be healthy again and know that you will. Thanks for sharing.

Uncle Dan & Aunt Rita

Sarah Martinsen said...

Megan, I will be praying for you!!! Stay strong, God is with you.

Megan said...

Thank you all for your prayers.
Anonymous, thanks for saying "hello". I love it when the strangers let me know they're reading. I hope your pregnancy continues to be successful. It's difficult being sick ALL the time and it sounds like you're even sicker than I was. If you have any questions about my pregnancy, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them. Just so you know, Taeya's low birth weight was most likely related to her umbilical cord and not to my inability to keep food down. :) My sister's pregnant right now and she too is part of the Zophran club this pregnancy.

kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this. I will be praying for you!!!

jenylu said...

Hey Megan,
Sorry I hadn't checked the blogosphere recently and didn't get to pray about this until tonight 4/20, but I will be praying for you!!! The Bible study Sarah and I are doing, Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts, by Jerry Bridges, is really good and may be encouraging to you as you strive to trust Him!!