Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Pics of Taeya

These photos were taken at about 3 1/2 months old.

As I mentioned in a previous post, she has officially found her thumb. She enjoys it but isn't obsessed with it at this point. (My sister and I were HORRIBLE thumb suckers and it took us a few years before we were able to stop).

My mom got this adorable outfit for Taeya and I found the little boots on ebay while I was still pregnant with her. She's just getting big enough to wear them allthough they're still pretty big on her feet so she ends up kicking them off really quickly.

On our walk the other day, I stopped at a tiny park that had a baby swing and let her try it out. She didn't mind it but didn't seem too impressed either. Those days will change.

Taeya normally sleeps with this little bunny. She loves to hold him and I'm always amazed where I find him when I check on her. The other night he was under her head. This time, she had placed him on her belly and pulled her blanket up to cover them both. (The blanket was lower when she was put in bed.) I thought it was too cute so I took a picture of it.

A size comparison. *I know. My hands and feet are abnormally large.

Taeya loves her lambie.

Getting a kiss from her lambie. They share lots of kisses.


jenylu said...

So cute!!! I turned one of the pictures you emailed me into my desk top picture and everytime I close an application, Taeya is smiling at me and I have to say, "She's soooooooo cute!" :)

Sarah said...

Taeya just brings a smile to my face every time I see her. There are a couple of pictures where she looks a lot like some of your baby pictures. The one of the bunny laying across her face during her nap is precious. Also just wanted to know that I am for sure praying for you and your liver. I'm taking extra care of mine just in case you need it. I would offer you my heart, but since what you need is a liver I'm offering that instead. :o) Love you. I'll try to call tomorrow.

running wildly said...

The priceless.

Becca Sports said...

Taeya is so sweet! I love all of the pictures. I'll be praying for your liver levels.

starlight11500 said...

Megan, thanks for all the encouraging and helpful hints you've given me lately about moving! I'm still SO nervous about it!
Taeya is so precious, so innocent looking. That one with her in the seat with the boots and her hood on looks like she's saying "Mom? what have I done THIS time to make you take another picture of me? Am I really that cute?"

starlight11500 said...

Megan, I would love to talk to your can give her my email if you would like! Thank you! I don't know where that town in that she is from. But thank you so much for the understanding and support, your prayers are needed!