Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taeya Turned 4 Months Today!

I can't believe how fast the time is flying by and how big Taeya is getting. We go for a doctor check-up on Tuesday so I'll find out her official weight then but it's somewhere over 12 lbs I believe. I'm excited to see how tall she'll be.

When my sister and I were little, my mom took our 4 month pictures in a beautiful little pink dress. My sister was a tiny baby and in her picture she was laying on the blanket all peacefully. I was a chunker and my mom basically had to stuff me and all my rolls into the dress. I was able to be "propped" up in a sitting position. My sister inherited the dress at her baby shower for Bekah (I got a different outfit). She took Bekah's four month pictures in the dress and lent it to me so that I could take Taeya's four month pictures in it as well.

I'm going to try to get a copy of my baby picture to post on my blog so you can see how similar Taeya and I look as babies. For now, I'll post some of my favorite pictures from today.

At first, Taeya was happy and smiling. After a few minutes, she started getting bored so she stuffed her hands in her mouth. She got tired of her hands pretty quick and decided the dress would taste better. She got tired pretty quick so it was hard to get lots of smiles out of her today. Right after the photo session, it was time for a nap.

To see pictures of Cousin Bekah at 4 months in the same dress, click here and scroll half-way down the page to Feb. 4, 2007. :)


Heather said...

She is so so pretty! :)

Sarah said...

Taeya's such a cute little girl! Luke grew really fast when he was small and was over 16 lbs at 4 months! I wonder if we ever have a girl, if it'll be small and petite also. That would be nice. :)

starlight11500 said...

AWWW look at little Ms. Taeya! So rolly polly and adorable! Megan she is looking like you SO much! The 4th and 5th ones the most! I don't have to work tomorrow, I think I'll go treat myself to a game of Catan on x box!

starlight11500 said...

ha ha ha I was just reading my comment and it sounds horrible....I didn't mean to say that you look rolly polly. ha ha ha...sorry!

Sarah said...

The pictures were awesome. The one of her eating her dress is almost identical to Bekah also eating the dress. She looks like she fits in it very well. Such a pretty little girl.