Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good News

Thank you friends and family for praying for me the past few weeks. I wanted to give an update on how my liver's been. My levels have been fluxuating the past few weeks but they dropped a good amount this week! Yeah! They went from 218 a few weeks ago to: 160's, 130's, last week was 142 and this week was only 115! It's heading in the right direction for which I am grateful. The symptom that scared me the other day is gone and I'm feeling pretty good as well. Thank you for your prayers!

Taeya had her 4 month doctor check-up today and she's doing well. We're going to start encouraging her to sleep through the night with some suggestions he gave. I'm hoping I wont' be up with a screaming baby all week. :) As a precaution, we did some bloodwork on Taeya to check her blood count and make sure that the meds I'm on aren't affecting her negatively. Poor thing did NOT like the blood drawing process. They had to look for a good vein which didn't make her happy, neither did having the tournequet tied on her arm 3 times. She survived and had a nice long nap afterwords.

She's doing great as far as her measurements go. She weighed 11.14 oz which is in the 10-25%. She was 24 inches long which placed her in the 25-50% and her head was also in the 25-50% range. Good all the way around.


jenylu said...

I was just getting ready to pray for you and thought I'd better check for an update on your blog -- what sweet news to get to praise the Lord with you in! :)

The Westerfield Family said...

Wonderful news, Megan! Thank you for sharing. Regarding bedtime and sleeping through the night, I highly recommend the no cry sleep solution. It is not perfect... no method ever is and I definitely believe there are times when letting just cry it out is appropriate and necessary. This book provides incredible ideas for establish a bedtime routine, though, which is the part I really recommend. We used their ideas with both of our kids and they fall asleep on their own every night. As far as sleeping through the night, for both of mine, it was just giving them a big "snack" right before bed (rice cereal, another bottle, etc.). Hope these ideas help! ~Sarah W.

starlight11500 said...

thanks for the comment about the weight loss....but I had to laugh at your comment. That picture was taken when we were first married when we lived in Boston. I guess that's what I looked like before the weight came on. I'm about that now though, so I guess it doesn't really matter!
YAY for your numbers being so low! This is an answer to prayer!

Sarah said...

So I looked back at the pictures of Bekah that I took in the little dress. You took way better pictures than I did. Good job. At least I'll get a second try with the next one.

Yeah, that your liver levels are getting so much better. We'll pray that they keep going down.

Julie said...

So glad to hear about your liver levels going down. That is great news. I second the book Sarah W. mentioned. It has some good stuff in it :)